Sinus sliding doors

Sinus sliding doors offer exciting new internal architecture and offer up versatile new ways of using space. With the development of Sinus, the idea to create corpus-independent sliding doors and dividing wall systems, new planning impulses can be found for your rooms. As an independent element, this sliding door is an ideal room divider, but can also be used to close your wardrobe. Use niches and roof slopes optimally and also aim for a perfect result in your rooms even under difficult circumstances. Sinus sliding doors fit seamlessly into your architecture.



Profile III


Profile VI


Profile I


Profile IV

Sinus mit Türgriffleiste

Profile V

Sinus Tür ohne Rahmen

Solid door without frame

Guidance technology

Führungstechnik stehende Tür

Standing door

Standing doors run on rollers in a discreet floor track. These floor tracks fit into every new or existing flooring. The floor tracks can be fitted or inset. They are available for laminate, parquet, carpet, tiles, marble, granite and other flooring.

Führungstechnik hängende Tür

Hanging doors

The visible floor track can be dispensed with if it is a hanging variant. A guide pin drilled into the floor stops the door from swinging. Hanging doors provide innumerable ways to compensate for uneven ceilings, floors and walls.

Floor tracks

Bodenschienen aufgesetzt

Floor track fitted, 2-way

Bodenschienen aufgesetzt

Floor track fitted, with centre bar for carpet

Bodenschieben eingelassen

Floor track inset, 2-way

Bodenschienen eingelassen

Floor track inset with retainer profile, 2-way

Bodenschienen Rolle mit Bürste

Silent track – role with self-clearing brush