Rear wall systems

All of Trüggelmann’s rear wall systems are striking due to their quality, function and design. From a simple shelving system with flexible clothing rails and removable shelves through to a closed corpus, our solutions match your expectations and requirements seamlessly. Depending on the event in your rooms, sloped roofs or small niches which need to be optimally used are no major challenges anymore: Whether you are looking for a room divider or a walk-in wardrobe – your wishes know no bounds at Trüggelmann. Besides offering a myriad of functions, our rear wall systems also come in a wide variety of lacquers, decorations and veneers to fulfil your style and design expectations. Would you like to create a touch of visual interest by using architectonic elements by adding a pilaster strip or do you prefer understated shaped which stand out from the crowd due to their straight lines. Our cabinet systems offer you customised solutions based on your requirements.